Spirit of America Sonic 1 – Craig Breedlove

Spirit of America Sonic 1, Craig Breedlove’s second Land Speed Record car, twice took speed records in 1965. Here are some key facts about the car and her driver.

Spirit of America Sonic 1 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1965.

600.601 mph – the record breaking speed recorded for the measured mile (966.547 km/h) on November 15 1965, the first time this century marker had been exceeded.

5 years – the time that Spirit of America Sonic 1 held the World Land Speed Record, before the successful 622 mph challenge by Gary Gabelich in The Blue Flame in 1970.

555.485 mph – the previous record speed that Spirit of America Sonic 1 had set for the measured mile (893.939 km/h), on November 2 1965. This was temporarily beaten 5 days later, when Art Arfons drove Green Monster to an average speed of 576 mph, before Breedlove once again broke the record with his landmark 600 mph run 8 days after that.

308.56 mph – the new Women’s Land Speed Record set by Breedlove’s wife, Lee, driving Spirit of America Sonic 1 shortly after her husband set his new 555 mph record. Prior to this, it is claimed, Lee Breedlove had never driven over 75 mph.

Did You Know?
Spirit of America Sonic 1 was the last jet-powered car to hold the Land Speed Record until Thrust 2, driven by Richard Noble, broke the record held by The Blue Flame.

4 – the number of wheels in the chassis (the first Spirit of America had three).

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